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Pico Glass; Los Angeles, CA

Pico Glass is a window installation company located in Los Angeles. Our services include same day repair service for window installations and rolling gates in Los Angeles. From residential window installation installation in California, to commercial window installation repair in Los Angeles CA, if it is a window installation, we can fix it today. We carry with us parts for different window installations in Los Angeles, in order to give our technicians the ability to be able to fix the problem on the spot, and to help you get your window installation back on tracks and working again ASAP.

Window Installations Los Angeles

We believe that a high quality repair service, whether it is a window installation repair, a window replacement, or a glass door installation, start from one simple thing, but at the same time very important: You must love your job, and you must enjoy helping people who need your help fixing their window. We at Pico Glass love what we do, and we always do our best to provide all our customers in Los Angeles with a high quality and a professional window installation repairs service. Like we have been doing for the last 20 years in Los Angeles and the area.

Whether you’re upgrading your home, multi-family property, or commercial renovation, we have many replacement window options available. We carry fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum and wood replacement windows. We help you pick the right product for your project. All of our replacement windows are custom made to your exact specifications, allowing our technicians to perform quick and pain free installations.

Vinyl replacement windows are energy efficient, maintenance free, and provide smooth operation. Not only do they look great and stand out, they also withstand the elements and are very durable. They never need painting, scraping, and never warp or rot.

Matching the charm and aesthetics of your classic home often requires the beauty and elegance of a natural wood window. Our Wood Replacement windows will match the exact look and feel of your home.

If you like the look of traditional wood grain, fiberglass windows are a great wood alternative option. They can be painted to match any trim.

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Our customers in Los Angeles

Pico Glass treat every window installation repair or roll up gate installation project, no matter if it is a complicated commercial overhead door repair, or a simple residential window installation maintenance with our full attention. We always do our best to add one more satisfied customer to our long list of satisfied customers in Los Angeles, who know that All Pico Glass is a company you can trust to be there on time to fix your window installation, to perform a professional repair, and that will charge you a fair amount. And the best proof we have is our customer’s reviews. So if you are looking for a company that repair window installations in Los Angeles, call us for a same day window installation service in Los Angeles.

What we do:

  • Repair and Install Windows in Los Angeles
  • Repair and Install Glass Doors in Los Angeles
  • Commercial and Residential Projects
  • High Quality Parts and Professional Technicians
  • Same Day Repair Service in Los Angeles
  • Emergency Repair Service in Los Angeles

We Offer Same Day window installation Repair

Our goal is to fix your window installation today. It is important for us to provide a quick and efficient repair service, since we know that sometime it is important to you that your window installation will work again today. During many years of servicing overhead doors in Los Angeles, We have learned which the most popular sizes of overhead doors in Los Angeles are, and what size of parts such as springs are the most common and most likely to break and need to be replaced. We learned that many window installation owners in Los Angeles particular brands, and to give you a quick solution we carry the best brands. Another thing that we have learned is that most people rarely maintain their window installation on time, so we trained all our window installation technicians to perform a window installation maintenance and basic tune up by the end of the job, and to try and explain to the customer about the importance of the maintenance, and how to perform it correctly. If you need a window installation repair service in California, if your roll up gate is stuck in California, or looking door commercial overhead door repair in California, Pico Glass is ready to come and fix all window installation issues.

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Residential Window Installation

One of our main goals, is to provide a quick and professional window installation services in Los Angeles, California, and to allow you to get your window installed in Los Angeles today. There is no need to wait many days for a window company in Los Angeles to send someone to fix your window, and there is no need to call multiple window contractors in Los Angeles to come and fix the broken window. With our SAME DAY WINDOW REPAIR in Los Angeles, we will fix the window today.

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Window Replacement

We are often receive calls from customers in Los Angeles who interested in purchasing a new window, and looking for a window installer in Los Angeles to perform the installation. But when we receive a call, and we are being asked for the cheapest window in the market, we always answer the same way: We do not install the cheapest windows in Los Angeles, and if you want to get the cheapest windows, you should contact a different window supplier in Los Angeles to perform the installation for you.

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About Pico Glass

Pico Glass is a window installation company based in Los Angeles, and service in Los Angeles CA. We believe that there is no reason why you will not get your windows installed today, and when you are dealing with professional general contractors, you get a quick and efficient window install service in Los Angeles, and for a reasonable price. Many of our window repairs customers in Los Angeles are surprised when we tell them that we can fix any broken broken window today.